The inaugural works for the renaissance of Lignereux are a series of ormolu-mounted ceramics freely inspired by the poem Kubla Khan, composed in 1797 by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1777-1834).

In the poem Kubla Khan, East and West examine each other with mutual fascination, as within the historical Lignereux ormolu-mounted porcelains.

Each sculpture also represents one of the four elements: Water as in the liquid gold gushing out of Mighty Fountain; the Earth with its rugged globes intertwined by serpents in Breathing Earth; Fire raging out of Voices; and Air, impalpable among the hanging clouds of the mobile Pleasure-Dome.

Mighty Fountain
Lignereux, 2017
Gonzague Mézin
(créateur d’objets rares), Tanya Gomez (ceramicist), Atelier Cabiria (Bronziers d’art)
Chun celadon, ormolu, steel wires, Teklon Gold monofilament

Breathing Earth
Lignereux, 2016-2017
Gonzague Mézin
(créateur d’objets rares), Thiébaut Chagué (ceramicist), Atelier Cabiria (Bronziers d’art)
Stoneware, ormolu, brass rod, lacquered bronze

Lignereux, 2017
Gonzague Mézin
(créateur d’objets rares), Samuel Yal (sculptor-ceramicist), Atelier Cabiria (Bronziers d’art)
Porcelain, ormolu, steel wires, beeswax

Lignereux, 2017
Gonzague Mézin
(créateur d’objets rares), Laura Murphy (ceramicist), Atelier Cabiria (Bronziers d’art)
Parian clay, varnished bronze, steel wires