Lignereux is an art collective dedicated to creating extraordinary art objects.

The Lignereux objets are assembled through the collective work of talented craftsmen and women. Their brilliant minds and magical touch bring materials to life. Creative insight and craftsmanship allow ancestral savoir-faire and contemporary practices to marry and new forms to emerge.

Today, as then, Lignereux’s magnificent art objects reflect the personalities of collectors who, like great explorers apprehending new worlds, discover and welcome exceptional works of art into their interiors.

From 1781, Lignereux has been known as the most daring creator of art objects.

With ceaseless aesthetic audacity, the maison specialised in the making of objets d’art and luxury decorative items and was celebrated throughout Europe. With boutiques both in Paris and London, and through exclusive deals with the porcelain manufactures Sèvres and Wedgwood, Lignereux became a destination for prominent art collectors. Among its remarkable clientèle were Queen Marie-Antoinette, Emperor Paul I of Russia, the Prince of Wales (future King George IV) and Emperor Napoléon.

In 2015, Lignereux was revived by créateur d’objets d’art Gonzague Mézin, to offer new precious works made collectively with contemporary artists and artisans.

Today the Lignereux collective consists of:

Gonzague Mézin (créateur d’objets rares),
Atelier Cabiria (bronziers d’art),
Thiébaut Chagué (ceramicist),
Tanya Gomez (ceramicist),
Laura Murphy (ceramicist),
Samuel Yal (sculptor-ceramicist).